Looking back

In 2011, having just taken the plunge to join a long standing friend in his endeavour to set up a creative agency, I’d began paving the way for a career change that’s put me where I am today.

Embracing Social Media helped this fledgeling agency pick up new clients and I worked closely with a number of business owners and stakeholders to develop their social media presence and effectively leverage social media to engage with their prospective customers, supporters and audiences.

Back then, Social Media was a relatively new ‘buzz word’ for business, and doing it right was something that didn’t come naturally. Trying to get the point across that broadcasting your message was never going to be effective had me banging my head against the wall frequently, it seems this lesson is still as relevant now as it was then.

Personal circumstances lead to the agency ultimately closing and I faced redundancy, but a new opportunity with a professional connection led me to a new, multi-disciplinary role that developed over the next four years into leading the day-to-day operations of an IT team, supporting 175 users and the infrastructure of the market leading financial services business it has now become.

Today I’m not able to dedicate the same time and effort to social media as I used to, with my role evolving towards management of an IT department, I’ll find opportunity to talk about new and upcoming technology, and share information, tips and tricks I think might help though, so hopefully my site will find some new life.

As part of my reflection on how I got here, I decided to resurrect some of my ‘tools of the trade’, mainly to see if anyone visited my blog anymore, and was quietly surprised to see some traffic coming through.

‘Reputation Management’ – also known as googling yourself, was an important task for anyone trying to establish themselves as a credible source of information, so out of curiosity, I wanted to see just what Google held on me. I was delighted to find that some of my work had been picked up by BusinessInsider in their article Humanizing Your Social Media Efforts, the site is ranked in the top 200 sites in the world in terms of traffic volume, so huge exposure for me!

This might help get a bit more traffic to the site today, and explain why you are reading this, so I’ll be thinking of some relevant, useful and quality content to put here soon


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