Gosport Ferry

Gosport Ferry Website

This was by far the most complex and challenging website project I’ve had the pleasure of working on, addressing some real needs of the users of Gosport Ferry and bringing their online presence up to date.

The website features:

  • Ferry status updates, including alerts over Twitter and on an RSS Feed.
  • The ability to update the status from an internet-enabled mobile device, allowing for statuses to be incredibly timely.
  • Attraction guide for both Fareham and Gosport.
  • Ferry timetables and Price Tariff, both easily edited in the CMS.
  • Special linked tickets with other transport providers and attractions.
  • Information about the Summer Cruises the Ferry operator also provide.
  • Social Media integration.
I worked on this project at Hampshire Graphics

George and Falcon Pub and Inn

George and Falcon, Pub and Four Star Inn
I worked on this project at Hampshire Graphics 

Fareham Shopping Centre

Web Design for Fareham Shopping Centre
I worked on this project at Hampshire Graphics, in association with LCM 
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